30,000 PSI (2000 BAR) TWO-STAGE UNIT (10-30)


Catalog Number: 46-14021-2

Product Name: 30,000 psi (2000 bar) Two-Stage Unit (10-30)

Product Description: Air Operated Diaphragm Type Compressor


Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Cart
44-1110210K PSI Check Valve Standard Gas - Inlet - Soft Seat  Add To Cart
44-1110710K PSI Check ValveStandard Gas - Discharge - Soft Seat  Add To Cart
44-1310030K PSI Check ValveStandard Gas - Inlet - Hard Seat  Add To Cart
44-1312030K PSI Check ValveStandard Gas - Discharge - Hard Seat  Add To Cart
62018000500DiaphragmsDiaphragm 3 1/2" - 302SS  Add To Cart
P1004003000OilerOiler Acrylic 1 oz  Add To Cart
64042002200Packing FollowerPacking Follower 9/16  Add To Cart
64042002500Packing RetainerPacking Retainer 9/16 Dia  Add To Cart
65013002700Packing RetainerPacking Retainer 3/8 Dia  Add To Cart
65013002800Packing FollowerPacking Follower 3/8  Add To Cart
85001000500Soft Good Packing KitSoft Good Kit 3/8 30K  Add To Cart
85001000900Soft Good Packing KitSoft Good Kit 9/16 10K  Add To Cart
49-1440530K PSI, 1/4 HP, 1/8 Port Line FilterAll filters furnished with 316SS gland nuts and sleeves  Add To Cart