Superpressure Machine


  • Designed for easy cleaning and filling of vessels.
  • Flow rate controlled by back pressure regulator.
  • Digital temperature control with:
    • Extraction vessel
    • Separation vessel
    • Back pressure regulator
  • Digital pressure readings with output:
    • Extraction vessel
    • Separation vessel
  • Separation at atmospheric and controlled pressure @ 9,200 psi (back pressure regulator).
  • Proven components
  • Can Pump gas or liquid CO 2 without any change required
  • Valve controlled flow rate
  • Digital totalizer
  • Flow meter with output (higher flow rate available).
  • Non-contaminating diaphragm compressor.
  • Complete flexiblitiy in a single system permits modifications readily, when necessary.
  • Recorder output available



Supercritical Fluid (SCF) extraction is receiving considerable attention as a means of separation in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and energy industries. The process is the latest technique used to

extract oils from natural products, organic pollutants from wastewater, aromatic isomers from mixtures, low-molecular weight materials from polymers and light components from coal

. Several firms are employing the technique in various commercial applications, such as coffee decaffeination or botanical extraction. Newport Scientific offers the Supercritical Fluid Extraction System is a complete turnkey for extractions up to 9,200 psi and separations up to 9,200 psi.


Gas or fluid from your commercial gas bottle passes through a filter to the compressor. The compressor stroke rate is 58 RPM. The extraction pressure and flow rate is controlled by a back pressure regulator as is the separation pressure. The extractions and separation temperatures are controlled and indicated independently. A second atmospheric separation may be performed in a glass vessel or cold trap before the gas stream passes through the flow rate indicator and flow totalizer and is vented to the atmosphere.


Models 46-19360-60Hz 220VAC Three-phase
46-19360-50Hz 220VAC Three-phase
Extraction Vessel 845 mL, 9,200 psi at 100°F; 4 3/8-in. OD x 2 9/16-in. ID x 10-in. Deep (Cat. No. 41-14375SP)
Separation Vessel 300 ml, 9,200 psi at 100°F; 2 9/16-in. OD x 1 1/2-in. ID x 10 1/2-in. Deep (Cat. No. 41-12158)
Compressor Options Diaphragm Compressor Double End 10K (Cat. no. 46-13421-2) or
Diaphragm Compressor Double End 6K (Cat. no. 46-13487)
Flow Rate 17 lbs./hr.@6,000 PSI (6K Compressor)
10 lbs./hr.@10,000 PSI (10K Compressor)
Dimensions 61-in. H x 36-in. L x 20-in. Deep
Options Large Extraction & Separation Vessels
Co-Solvant Pump
Static Mixer
2nd Separation
Separation in Series or in Parallel
(Systems can be custom designed to meet specific needs)


Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Add To Cart
41-12158Supercritical Fluid Separation Vessel300 ml, 9.2K PSI at 100F; 2 9/16 IN O.D. x 1 1/2 IN I.D. x 10 1/2 IN Deep  Add To Cart
41-14375SPSupercritical Fluid Extraction Vessel845 ml, 9.2K PSI at 100 Degrees F; 2-9/16" OD x 1-1/2" ID x 10-1/2" Deep  Add To Cart
46-19360-50HZ50 Hz Supercritical Fluid Extractions System220VAC, Three Phase, 61-in. H x 36-in. L x 20-in. Deep  Add To Cart
46-19360-60HZ60 Hz Supercritical Fluid Extractions System220VAC, Three Phase, 61-in. H x 36-in. L x 20-in. Deep  Add To Cart