Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Add To Cart
44-11467Lower StemLower Stem 20K PSI  Add To Cart
44-11471PackingPacking 20K Glass Filled Teflon  Add To Cart
44-13907Lower StemLower Stem 30K PSI 440C  Add To Cart
44-13990PackingPacking 30K Glass Filled Teflon  Add To Cart
44-16907Lower StemLower Stem 60K PSI  Add To Cart
44-16990PackingPacking 60K Glass Filled Teflon  Add To Cart
44-19213Packing KitReplacement Packing Kit  Add To Cart
50029003201Compression SpringCompression Spring 1/2" L 18-8 SS  Add To Cart
50029003203Compression SpringCompression Spring 3/8" L 18-8 SS  Add To Cart
50029003204Compression SpringCompression Spring .305" L 18-8 SS  Add To Cart
58054000700SpringNot Available  Add To Cart
62005000200PoppetPoppet Hard Seat - 10K & 30K PSI  Add To Cart
62005000400SpringSpring .140 OD. 302SS 9/16" L  Add To Cart
62147000900Packing FollowerLower Packing Follower  Add To Cart
62148000700Packing FollowerLower Packing Follower  Add To Cart
62149000700Packing FollowerPacking Follower 17-4PH  Add To Cart
62150000500Packing FollowerNot Available  Add To Cart
63032001000PoppetPoppet Assembly  Add To Cart
63033000300Lens RingLens Ring - Discharge Check Valve  Add To Cart
63038000400Lens RingLens Ring 17-4 PH  Add To Cart
63084001300Lens RingLens Ring Check Valve 60K PSI  Add To Cart
64046000400PoppetNot Available  Add To Cart
64046001100Lens RingNot Available  Add To Cart
66004000100PoppetPoppet for Soft Seat Check Valve  Add To Cart
66005000100Valve Stem AssemblyValve Stem Assembly - Soft Seat  Add To Cart
66005000300Lens RingLens Ring with Nylon Insert  Add To Cart
P1500013300Ball Bearing3/16" Dia Ball Bearing - 440C  Add To Cart
P1500016600BallBall 1/4 Dia Type 440C Hardened  Add To Cart
P1604025900O-RingO-Ring Viton 3/8 ID 9/16 OD Brown  Add To Cart
P1604026000O-RingO-Ring Viton .644 ID.087 CS Brown  Add To Cart
P1604029300SealStat-O-Seal 0.531 OD x 0.245 ID x 0.5TH  Add To Cart
P1604108800O-RingO-Ring 5/8 OD x 1/2 ID x 1/16 CS Viton  Add To Cart
P1632009600Compression SpringNot Available  Add To Cart
P1632016000SpringNot Available  Add To Cart