Here is a partial listing of the spare parts that Newport Scientific, Inc. carries to support its customers who have purchased Smoke Density Chambers.


Catalog Number Product Name Product Description Add To Cart
4-5802SoftwareSCIP  Add To Cart
4-5804Connections ManualChamber Modification SCIP  Add To Cart
4-5806MHardwareCommunication Hardware SCIP  Add To Cart
4-5807MicrophotometerMicrophotometer  Add To Cart
4-5810SoftwareCalorimeter Calibration Software  Add To Cart
4-5811Conversion KitISO 5659 Part 2 Attachment  Add To Cart
68086001100Bronze Specimen RetainerBronz Specimen Retainer  Add To Cart
68086003600Heater AssemblyHeater Assembly  Add To Cart
68086004900Shield - Backing BlockShield - Backing Block  Add To Cart
68086006800Pilot Light TubePilot Light Tube  Add To Cart
68086009100Furnace Aliging ToolFurnace Aliging Tool  Add To Cart
68086014800Lamp AssemblyLamp Assembly  Add To Cart
68086017000Multi-Directional BurnerMulti-Directional Burner  Add To Cart
68086017200Sample Holder Assembly w/ TroughSample Holder Assembly w/ Trough  Add To Cart
68086019100Compensating Filters - Set of 9Compensating Filters - Set of 9  Add To Cart
68086020100Back Wall Temperature Thermcouple AssemblyBack Wall Temperature Thermcouple Assembly  Add To Cart
68086022000Radiometer CableRadiometer Cable  Add To Cart
68086025300Radiometer Cable Bulk Head AssemblyRadiometer Cable Bulk Head Assembly  Add To Cart
68086025900Furnace CableFurnace Cable  Add To Cart
68086032700Flow Meter, Flame GasFlow Meter, Flame Gas  Add To Cart
68086032800Flow Meter, Flame AirFlow Meter, Flame Air  Add To Cart
68086035400Burner Alignment ToolBurner Alighment Tool  Add To Cart
68086038200Door GasketDoor Gasket  Add To Cart
68086038700Formed Tubelar HeaterFormed Tubelar Heater  Add To Cart
68086038800Furnace Assembly with Thermacouple & Wire CoilFurnace Assembly with Thermacouple & Wire Coil  Add To Cart
68086039001Thermacouple for Wire Coil FurnaceThermacouple for Wire Coil Furnace  Add To Cart
68086039002Thermacouple for Solid Coil FurnaceThermacouple for Solid Coil Furnace  Add To Cart
68086039500Solid State RelaySolid State Relay  Add To Cart
68086040400Furnace AssemblyThis furnace is used primarly by those who have a FAA Smoke Density Chamber and has a Thermocouple and Solid Coil  Add To Cart
68086041100Conversion KitKit - Add FAA Option to ASTM Chamber  Add To Cart
68086041300Conversion KitKit - Add ASTM Option to FAA Chamber  Add To Cart
68086041400Conversion KitKit - Convert Var-Trans to Temp Con ASTM  Add To Cart
68086041500Conversion KitKit - Convert Var-Trans to Temp Con FAA  Add To Cart
P1020021600ManometerManometer  Add To Cart